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We utilize positive reinforcement and reward-based training methods.  Dogs each have their own individual needs and motivation; we will cater to whatever gets them focused and showing results.   Positive training will help your dog gain confidence and in return will make them happy, well adjusted, and obedient.

Common Behaviors Addressed:

  • Jumping Up

  • Excessive Barking

  • Running Away

  • Destructive Behavior

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Leash Pulling

  • Soiling the House

  • Nipping & Chewing

  • Aggression towards other dogs

  • Aggression towards people

On Site Dog Training

Private or Group Lessons offered on 2 acre property.  Excellent bonding time and a chance to work on recall, impulse control and have some fun!

Benefits of In Home Behaviorial Training:  

Behavioral Training is more effective when the trainer can meet your dog in their own environment and accurately evaluate the unwanted behavior.  Once we understand the under lying cause of your dog acting out a training program can be put in place.  Then, using patience, consistency and dedication,  you should see a great improvement within a few days.  

With In Home Obedience Training, you and your dog can enjoy the comforts of home and avoid major distractions that will create a perfect learning environment for both of you.  

Here are a few basic behaviors we can help teach your dog:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay

  • Come

  • Walk nicely on a leash

  • Go to your bed, crate or another location.

  • Leave it and drop it.

  • Fun tricks.


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